dimitrios tsouris UK & Cyprus
dimitrios tsouris                                 UK & Cyprus 


"Who knows what happens when you are before such work. We wandered through the portals, conversationally, spiritually and went elsewhere".

Ruscha Schorr-Kon. UK.


".....enjoyed your work, especially the colour and energy".

Keith. UK.


" Overwhelmed -  portals to transcendence, lost for words".

Peter. UK.


"Dimitri's paintings warrant unhurried attention: they are peaceful, powerful portals into the mystery of the human condition, timely reminders that there is more to human life than the collective human conditioning to which we have been subjected. 
They encourage us to go beyond all that, to go through the portal and enter a heightened level of awareness, beyond rational, logical, linear thinking. Beyond mind and ego-intellect, beyond duality, separateness, limitation, to a level of consciousness which although not new, is now being talked and written about more and more worldwide. 
To a level where Conscious Awareness, of Presence, of Oneness With All That IS, can begin to be experienced.
They invite the 'witnesser within us' to take the first step on the 'Inner Journey' - to go beyond the indoctrination and illusion and uncover our Essence, our true nature and reality: Our ONENESS With All That IS.
I would like to see one of Dimitrios Touris' Portals in the waiting room of every hospital and GP practice, every Natural Health Centre and Meditation Centre. They would encourage Inner Stillness, Peace, Reflection...."
Dr. Peter Saywood,  M.B., B.S.. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.R.C.O.G.





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